Importing TWAIN images

If your scanner or digital camera provides TWAIN support, you can import pictures directly into PagePlus using the TWAIN standard. Or, save the scanned image separately and then import into PagePlus.

To set up your TWAIN device for importing:

  • See the documentation supplied with your scanner for operating instructions.

To import a scanned image:

  • Choose Picture… from the Insert menu, then select TWAIN and Acquire… from the submenu to open a file selection dialog.

If you have more than one TWAIN-compatible device installed, you may need to select which source you wish to scan with.

To select a different TWAIN source for scanning:

  1. Choose Picture… from the Insert menu, then select TWAIN and Select Source from the submenu.

  2. Identify the device you want to use as your TWAIN source.

Suggestions for image scanning

First the tips… then the theory!

  • As a general rule, the optimal scanning resolution for print work (in dpi) is about one-third the dots-per-inch setting (i.e. twice the resultant lines per inch) on the printer or other device that will be used. If you’re printing at 600dpi, then 200dpi scanning is fine.

  • For an image that will end up on a web page, it’s possible to get great results scanning at 100dpi, using exactly the screen dimensions you need. If you’re going to edit the image, increase the dpi to be on the safe side.

  • For line art and halftone images, save as a black-and-white TIFF, PCX, or GIF.

  • For grayscale photographic images, scan using grayscales and save as a grayscale TIFF file. If you have a color scanner, save a color TIFF. You can resize these images and still maintain reasonable quality, provided you don’t make them significantly larger than the original. In general, the number of grayscales or colors is a more important issue than the actual resolution (dpi).

  • To obtain images of smaller file sizes, scan as JPG at 200dpi at the highest quality.

  • Depending on your scanner software, your may be able to perform initial adjustments right at the source (e.g., adjustment of levels). Often you can de-screen images to eliminate possible moiré patterns (interference between the regular dot patterns in printed images and the scanner’s path). If your scanner software doesn’t provide de-screening, try using the PhotoLab’s Gaussian Blur filter to remove moiré.

Importing TWAIN images