Adding picture frames

PagePlus adding%20frames Adding picture frames

Not to be confused with a decorative border, a picture frame is a shaped container similar to a text frame. You can select either:

  • Bordered picture frames from the Gallery tab.

    – or -

  • Shaped borderless frames from the Tools toolbar.

Either option lets you import a picture directly into the frame or drag a picture into it from the Media bar. Empty picture frames are shown as envelope-shaped placeholders. At any time you can replace the picture in the frame (by using Replace Picture).

PagePlus adding frames2 Adding picture frames

All selected picture frames that contain a picture will display a supporting Picture frame toolbar under the frame. This offers panning, rotation (90 degrees counter-clockwise), zoom in, zoom out, and replace picture controls).

To add a bordered picture frame:

  1. From the Gallery tab, select Picture Frames in the drop-down list.

  2. Scroll to a sub-category (e.g., Metallic, Natural, Masonry) of your choice.

  3. Drag the frame design thumbnail to your page.

    PagePlus picture frame05 Adding picture frames

  4. Feel like a different picture frame? Simply drag another frame design from the tab at any time.

To add a borderless picture frame:

  1. For an empty square frame, choose Picture>Empty Frame… from the Insert menu.
    – or -
    For a frame of a particular shape, e.g. Elliptical Picture Frame, choose a shape on the PagePlus tbr tools importpictureflyout Adding picture frames Picture Frames flyout on the Tools toolbar.

  2. PagePlus cur pictureimport Adding picture frames The mouse pointer changes to the Picture Paste cursor. What you do next determines the initial size and placement of the picture frame.

  3. To insert the frame at a default size, simply click the mouse.
    – or -
    To set the size of the frame, drag out a region and release the mouse button. If needed, use the Shift key while dragging to maintain aspect ratio.

To add a picture to a frame:

  1.  From the Media bar‘s currently displayed album, drag and drop a photo directly onto the picture frame.
    – or -
    Click PagePlus picture frame01 Adding picture frames Replace Picture directly under the selected frame, locate and select an image. Click Open.
    – or -
    Use the
    Replace Picture button from the Picture context toolbar.
    – or -
    Right-click on the picture frame and choose
    Replace Picture….

The picture is added to the frame using default Picture Frame properties, i.e. it is scaled to maximum fit; aspect ratio is always maintained. However, you can alter the picture’s size, orientation and positioning relative to its frame.

To change picture size and positioning:

Select a populated picture frame, and from the toolbar underneath:

  • Click the PagePlus picture frame02 Adding picture frames button to position the photo in the picture frame by panning.

  • Click the PagePlus picture frame03 Adding picture frames button to rotate the photo in 90 degree counter-clockwise increments.

  • Click the PagePlus picture frame04 Adding picture frames buttons to zoom in/out of the photo.

- or -

  1. Right-click on a picture frame and choose Properties>Frame Properties….
    – or -
    Select the picture frame and choose PagePlus tbr contextpicture frameproperties Adding picture frames Frame Properties on the Picture context toolbar.

  2. In the dialog, you can scale to maximum/minimum, Stretch to Fit, or use the original image’s size (No Scale).

  3. To change vertical alignment of pictures within the frames, select Top, Middle, or Bottom.

  4. For horizontal alignment, select Left, Center, or Right.

While you can take advantage of PagePlus’s preset frames you can create your own shape (e.g., a morphed QuickShape or closed curve) then convert it to a picture frame.

Creating custom picture frames

  1. Create the shape as required.

  2. Right-click the shape and select Convert To>Picture Frame.
    – or -
    Convert to>Picture Frame from the Tools menu.

You can then add a picture to the frame as described previously.

Adding picture frames