Using headers and footers

Headers and footers are layout elements that are positioned at the top and bottom of your master page(s), and are repeated on every page of your publication. The Headers and Footers Wizard lets you create these elements easily.

  • Remember to set up your margins so that you leave enough room for any intended header or footer.

To create headers and/or footers:

  • On the Insert menu, choose Headers and Footers… and follow the Wizard instructions. The header and/or footer is automatically applied to the master page (and not the current page).

To edit existing headers and footers:

  • On the Insert menu, choose Headers and Footers…. In the Headers and Footers Wizard, select Edit header, Leave header as it is, or Delete header and then complete the Wizard instructions. Carry out the equivalent operation for your footer if needed.

Using headers and footers