Rotating an object

You can rotate single and multiple objects, including pictures, text objects, and groups using the object’s rotation handle or the Rotate Tool.

To rotate a selected object (using its rotation handle):

  • Click and drag the rotation handle extending from the selection box (use the Shift key while dragging for 15° rotation intervals).

    PagePlus object rotate3 Rotating an object

    PagePlus arrow Rotating an object

    PagePlus object rotate4 Rotating an object

To rotate an object (using Rotate Tool):

  1. Select the PagePlus tbr tools rotate Rotating an object Rotate Tool on the Tools toolbar’s Selection flyout.

  2. Click to select the object, hover over one of its edge or corner handles until you see the rotate cursor.

  1. Hold the mouse button down and drag the cursor in the direction in which you want to rotate the object, then release.

 The Pointer Tool can also be used to rotate objects in the same way (with the PagePlus cur rotate2 Rotating an object cursor).

  • For precise rotation, use the Transform tab.

  • In Web Publishing mode, rotated text is published as a graphic.

To undo rotation (then restore the original orientation):

  • Double-click the object.

  • To restore the rotated position, double-click again.

To change the rotation origin:

  1. Select the PagePlus tbr tools rotate Rotating an object Rotate Tool and click to select the object.

  2. Move the rotation origin PagePlus rotation%20origin Rotating an object  away from its original position in the center of the object to any position on the page. The origin can also be moved to be outside the object—ideal for rotating grouped objects around a central point.

  3. Drag the rotation handle to a new rotation angle—the object will rotate about the new origin.

To reset the rotation origin, simply double-click it.

To rotate an object 90 degrees left or right:

  • Select the object and click PagePlus tbr arrange rotateleft Rotating an object Rotate Left or PagePlus tbr arrange rotateright Rotating an object Rotate Right on the Arrange toolbar (or choose either command from the Arrange menu). You can also right-click the object and use the Flip/Rotate submenu.

To prevent an object from accidentally being rotated:

  • Right-click on the object and select Arrange>Lock Objects (right-click again to unlock).

Rotating an object