Resizing objects

PagePlus provides several methods for resizing single or grouped objects. Click-and-drag is the simplest—watch the Hintline for context-sensitive tips and shortcuts!

To resize an object (in general):

  1. Select the object.

  2. Click one of the selection handles and drag it to a new position while holding down the left mouse button.

    PagePlus object resize Resizing objects

Dragging from an edge handle resizes in one dimension, by moving that edge. Dragging from a corner handle resizes in two dimensions, by moving two edges.

PagePlus resize stickycentre Resizing objects

Use a ruler guide and center snapping to scale an object in two directions simultaneously. Center snapping involves snapping to the object edge, then dragging from a corner (or edge) handle.


  • Text in frames and tables doesn’t change size when the container object is resized.

  • To set two or more objects to the same horizontal or vertical size as the last selected object, you can use Arrange>Size Objects….

  • You can also make fine resizing adjustments from the Transform tab.

To resize freely:

  • Drag from a corner (or line end) handle.

To constrain a shape, frame object, or table object when resizing:

  • Hold the Shift key down and drag from a corner (or line end) handle.

For shapes, this has the effect of keeping a square as a square, a circle as a circle, etc.

  • For pictures, dimensions are constrained on dragging a corner handle. Use Shift-drag to resize a picture freely.

Resizing objects