Ordering objects

Each new page or master page consists of a single layer; a page with a master page also shows the master page’s Master Layer. One layer may be enough to accommodate the elements of a particular layout, but you can create additional layers as needed. On each layer, objects such as text frames and pictures are stacked in the order you create them, from back to front, with each new object in front of the others. You can change the stacking order, which affects how objects appear on the page.

PagePlus orderingto%20back Ordering objects

PagePlus ordering Ordering objects

For example, the left-most beige button above can be brought from the back to the front of the object order.

 To shift the selected object’s position to the bottom or top of the stack:

  • Click PagePlus tbr arrange sendtoback Ordering objects Send to Back or PagePlus tbr arrange bringtofront Ordering objects Bring to Front on the Arrange toolbar, respectively.

To shift the object’s position one step toward the back or front:

  • Right-click on the object and choose Arrange>Back One or >Forward One, respectively.

  • Alternatively, choose options from the Arrange menu.

For complete control while ordering objects, the Layers tab lets you drag and drop an object to any position in the stack within the layer, but also to a new position in a different layer.

To order objects via the Layers tab:

  • From the Layers tab, drag an object to its new position. A green line indicates the object’s new position when you release the mouse button.

Ordering objects