Exporting as a picture

Exporting as a picture lets you convert all the objects on the page, or just the currently selected object(s), to an image file, using a file format you specify.

To export as a picture:

  1. (If exporting objects, not the whole page) Select the object or Shift-click (or drag a marquee) to select multiple objects.

  2. Choose Export As Picture… from the File menu.

  3. In the Save as type drop-down list, select a image format, e.g. Serif MetaFile Format (*.smf).

  4. Specify a folder and file name for the picture.

  5. To export just selected object(s), check Selected object(s). To export the whole page, uncheck this box.

  6. To choose from export options such as resolution, color, and transparency, check Show filter options.

  7. Click Save. You’ll see export options, if available and requested, for the particular export filter in use.

Exporting Serif Metafiles

PagePlus lets you export pictures in Serif Metafile Format (SMF). This proprietary format, an improvement on the Windows Metafile Format (WMF) due to improved text, line and fill handling, is especially useful for interworking between Serif products, i.e. you may want to utilize PagePlus objects in another Serif application to save time and effort. The object is converted to a graphic and becomes non-editable, but the object’s original appearance will be honoured.

To export as a Serif Metafile:

  • Follow the above procedure, but in the Vector Export Options dialog:

  • Check Output Text as Curves to change any text to curves if needed. When checked, any text will look as originally intended irrespective of whether its font is installed on the target computer. If unchecked, the original font needs to be installed to look as intended.

  • Set a different Raster Effect Resolution from the drop-down list (or enter a new value). This determines the resolution at which Instant 3D or filter effects applied to objects are exported at.

PagePlus can import Serif metafiles exported from other Serif applications as well as export them. (See Importing pictures).

Exporting as a picture