Creating groups

You can easily turn a multiple selection into a group object. When objects are grouped, you can position, resize, or rotate the objects all at the same time.

To create a group from a multiple selection:

PagePlus group Creating groups

  • Click the Group Objects button.

To ungroup:

PagePlus ungroup Creating groups

  • Click the Ungroup Objects button. The group turns back to a multiple selection.

Simply clicking on any member of a group selects the group object. In general, any operation you carry out on a selected group affects each member of the group. However, the objects that comprise a group are intact, and you can also select and edit an individual object within a group.

To select an individual object within a group:

  • Ctrl-click the object.


  • As for individual objects, grouped object appear in the Layers tab. See Working with layers.

  • Each object in a group retains its original wrap setting. If you apply a wrap setting to the group, each object (rather than the group as a whole) takes that setting. To flow text around a group, extend the wrap outline of one of the group’s objects (to encompass all the objects) and then carry out the grouping operation.

  • To apply a hyperlink to a group object, Ctrl-click on the object, then right-click to set the Hyperlink.

Creating groups