Converting an object to a picture

Convert To Picture deletes the selected object or group and replaces it with an embedded picture representation. It has many practical uses, for example:

  • Combining objects into a permanent graphic, such as a logo created from multiple text, graphic, and picture objects. The resulting graphic can then be sized, positioned, and rotated as a single object.

  • Creating a composite shape from multiple graphics.

  • Specifying a preferred image format for a particular need, for example to minimize file size or optimize web quality.

You can select from common bitmap image formats, e.g., PNG, JPG or GIF. (For details on image formats, see Importing pictures and Setting web picture display options.)

Remember that Convert to Picture is a one-way process, so any objects which are converted will no longer exist as separately editable objects.

To convert one or more objects to a picture:

  1. Select the object or Shift-click (or drag a marquee) to select multiple objects.

  2. Choose Convert to>Picture… from the Tools menu (or right-click menu).

  3. For bitmap output, choose a specific image format from the list. To specify settings such as bits per pixel, size, resolution, compression or transparency, click the Settings button. For resolution, you can enter values greater than 300dpi directly into the Resolution box.

  4. Click OK.

Converting an object to a picture