Aligning and distributing objects

Alignment involves taking a group of selected objects and aligning them all in one operation by their top, bottom, left or right edges. You can also distribute objects, so that your objects (as a multiple selection) are spread evenly (optionally at spaced intervals).

Alignment or distribution can occur between the endmost objects on your page (current selection), page margins, page edge. For example, with multiple selected objects, aligning to Top, aligns all objects to the topmost edge of the highest object; align to Bottom aligns all objects to the topmost edge of the highest object.

Alignment to last selected object lets you choose a specific object in a multiple selection from which to align other objects.

As other alignment methods, use layout guides, dynamic guides, or a dot grid combined with snapping to assist you in placing objects on the page.

To align the edges of two or more objects in a selection:

  1. Using the Pointer Tool, Shift-click on all the objects you want to align, or draw a marquee box around them, to create a multiple selection.

  2. Select the Align tab.
    – or -
    Click PagePlus tbr arrange alignobjects Aligning and distributing objects
    Align Objects on the Arrange toolbar (or choose Align Objects… from the Arrange menu or right-click submenu).

  3. Select an option for vertical and/or horizontal alignment. Choose Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Center Horizontally or Center Vertically, i.e.

    PagePlus tab align align Aligning and distributing objects

  4. It’s also possible to align a single object either to the top, bottom, left, or right page edge or center the object vertically or horizontally.

To distribute two or more objects across a selection:

  • Choose PagePlus tab align spaceevenlyacross Aligning and distributing objects Space Evenly Across or PagePlus tab align spaceevenlydown Aligning and distributing objects Space Evenly Down to spread selected objects uniformly between endmost objects in the current selection (horizontally or vertically, respectively) or by a set measurement (choose Spaced and set a value in any measurement unit).

Rather than work within the current selection area you can align or distribute to page margins (if set) or page edge.

To align/distribute objects to page margins, edges, or across page spreads:

PagePlus tab align relativeto Aligning and distributing objects

  • Select from the Relative to drop-down menu to align the selected object(s) within the page Margins, Page edges, or Spread (for facing pages) then choose an align or distribute button described above.

For more advanced alignment control, you can align multiple objects in relation to your last selected object (select objects in turn with the Shift key pressed) by using the Relative to: Last Selected drop-down list option.

Aligning and distributing objects