Adding logos

PagePlus logostudio sample Adding logos

Logos are intended to send a clear message to your target audience, all within a simple and identifiable design. Whether you intend to communicate a stylish, business, fun or modern message (opposite), PagePlus allows you to create impressive logos of varying design.


Logos are great for adding to master pages associated with either publications (Paper Publishing mode) or websites (Web Publishing mode).

To add a logo:

  1. Select PagePlus tbr tools insertlogo Adding logos Insert Logo from the Tools toolbar’s Logo flyout.
    – or -
    Logo… from the Insert menu.

  2. From the dialog, scroll the left-hand pane and select a suitable design thumbnail; choose the blank layout in the Blank category to start from scratch.

  3. Select a logo from the left-hand pane, then pick from a choice of designs from the right-hand pane (if a choice is available); some designs allow customization of text.

  4. To apply the publication’s current color scheme to your design, uncheck Apply color set. Alternatively, to adopt a color set independent of your publication’s current color scheme, keep Apply color set checked and pick a color set option from the drop-down list.

  5. Click Open.

  6. For captioned logos, a further dialog lets you customize the design’s supporting text (company name and/or motto). Enter a new Name (e.g., company or club name) and, optionally, a tag line (Motto) to personalize it. Edit the text and then click OK.

  7. To insert the logo at a default size, simply click the mouse to leave a logo placeholder (envelope).
    – or -
    To set the size of the logo, drag out a region and release the mouse button.

  • PagePlus’s Gallery tab also hosts the same selection of logos.

If you’re looking to further modify your logo you can use LogoStudio, an integrated design environment. This allows you to focus on your design without the distractions of other objects on the page, i.e. the design is displayed in isolation and centered on the page. Alternatively, a logo or flash can be created from existing artistic text, shape, gallery object, picture, or grouped objects.

To edit an existing logo:

  1. Click the PagePlus logostudio edit Adding logos button on the control bar under the selected logo.
    – or -
    Select the PagePlus logostudio edit Adding logos 
    Edit in LogoStudio button from the Tools toolbar’s Logo flyout.
    – or -
    Right-click and select
    Edit in LogoStudio….

    LogoStudio is launched with your object(s) zoomed in to fit your workspace.

  2. Using standard PagePlus tools and tabs, customize your logo design to your liking.

  3. Click PagePlus tbr logostudio closelogostudio Adding logos Close LogoStudio from LogoStudio’s main toolbar to exit. The modified logo is updated in its original position.

Various options on the Logo context toolbar can be used to alter the look and feel of your logo, i.e.

PagePlus tbr logostudio canvassetup Adding logos Canvas Setup

You can use the Canvas Setup button to enable a Fixed Canvas Size that won’t be exceeded. Otherwise, the canvas you work on dynamically resizes as you move objects outside the viewable area. For example, a typical horizontal web banner of dimensions 468 x 60 pixels could be defined in Web Publishing mode.

PagePlus tbr logostudio canvascolour Adding logos Canvas Color

Changes the logo background color by selection of a Canvas Color drop-down menu option. Colors from the current Publication Palette, tinted colors from your current color scheme, or any other color can be chosen.

PagePlus tbr contextpage layoutguides Adding logos Layout Guides

When editing, you may notice that your logo and supporting ruler origin and guides are centered in the LogoStudio workspace by default. To assist in laying out your logo, Layout Guides can be set via the Layout Guides button, including Margin Guides and Center Guides from the Margins tab, and Ruler Guides via the Gu
ides tab. See Setting guides for more information.

PagePlus tbr contextpage setuserdetails Adding logos Set User Details

Use this button to update user details added via the Insert>Information>User Details…. See Inserting user details for more information.

Converting objects to logos

It’s just as easy to by-pass the pre-defined logos and base your custom logo on objects already present in your publication or website. The logo can be converted back to separate objects at any time by ungrouping.

To convert existing objects to a logo:

  1. Select one or more objects (or a grouped object) on the page.

  2. Select Edit in LogoStudio… from the Edit menu (or select via right-click).

  3. Edit your logo design. In particular, you can use the upper Logo Text input box to “caption” your logo (typically a company or club name), then click the check box.

Adding logos