Adding flashes

PagePlus flashes Adding flashes

In PagePlus, flashes can be created, with each design intended to catch the eye, especially for commercial reasons or general attention grabbing.

PagePlus’s Gallery tab comes complete with a host of flashes; subcategories based on Retail, Celebrations, Fun stuff (Shapes or Text), and Pointers are available.

When dragging a flash design onto the page, three varieties of flash may be encountered—those without text, with text, and those with optional layouts.

To add a flash:

  1. From the Gallery tab, select the Flashes category.

    PagePlus tab gallery logos1 Adding flashes

  2. Scroll the lower pane to preview flash subcategories; collapse unwanted subcategories by clicking the PagePlus tab collapse Adding flashes button next to the subcategory name (click PagePlus tab expand Adding flashes to expand). Select a suitable flash thumbnail from the pane.

    PagePlus tab gallery flashes Adding flashes

  3. Drag your chosen design to the page.

    PagePlus tab gallery logos2 Adding flashes

  4. From the dialog, you can choose design variations, edit text and apply colors, i.e.

  5. For design variations. Select a design from the Designs pane (e.g., offering different text labels and positions).

  6. For text. If the selected design has supporting text, you can customize it in the Text or Message field. Edit the text accordingly to give your flash meaning.

    PagePlus tab gallery logos3 Adding flashes

  7. For color: To apply the publication’s current color scheme to your design, uncheck Apply color set. Alternatively, to adopt a color set independent of your publication’s current color scheme, keep Apply color set checked and pick a color set option from the drop-down list.

  1. Click OK.

  2. Design variations and supporting text may not be available for some designs.

If you’re looking to further customize your flash design (or use existing page objects) you can use LogoStudio. See Adding logos.

Adding flashes