Using the Gallery

The Gallery tab serves as a container for storing your own design objects you’d like to reuse in different publications. It also includes sample designs and is stocked with a wide variety of pre-designed elements that you can customize and use as a starting point for your own designs. Once you’ve copied a design to the Gallery, it becomes available in any publication—simply open the Gallery!

Designs are stored in categories such as Business, Education, Fun, Picture Frames, Logos, and Flashes.

The Gallery has two parts: an upper Categories drop-down menu and a lower Designs window showing a list of thumbnails representing the designs in the selected category. You can adopt a design by dragging the thumbnail onto the page.

PagePlus tab gallery annotated Using the Gallery

A – Categories, B – Designs

The Gallery tab can store your own designs in the ready-to-go My Designs category—the design is made available in any PagePlus project. When you first install PagePlus, the My Designs gallery will be empty, ready for custom designs to be added to it. New categories can be created at any time.

To further arrange your designs into logical groupings, you can add sub-categories to My Designs or to any other custom or pre-defined category.

  • Designs can be added to any pre-supplied category; the My Designs category exists simply for ease of use when storing your own custom designs.

To use a design from the Gallery:

  • Click its thumbnail in the design category and drag it out onto the page. The Gallery retains a copy of the design until you expressly delete it.

To view your Gallery:

  1. Click the Studio’s Gallery tab.

  2. Select a category from the drop-down menu. The items from the first listed subcategory are displayed by default.

To add, delete, or rename custom categories:

  1. With the Gallery tab selected, click PagePlus tab misc tabmenubtn Using the Gallery Tab Menu and choose Add category…, Remove category, or Rename category… from the drop-down list.

  2. Use the dialog to enter and/or confirm your change.

If adding a category, you need to name the category in a dialog. For removal or deletion, simply pick the category in advance of picking the option.

  • All designs in a deleted category will also be lost!

To add, delete, or rename custom sub categories:

  • To add, select a category and click Add Sub Category… from the tab’s PagePlus tab misc tabmenubtn Using the Gallery Tab Menu button.

  • To delete or rename, select options from the PagePlus tab gallery dropdownicon Using the Gallery drop-down button on the sub category title bar.

To move or copy an object into the Gallery:

  1. Using the Categories drop-down menu, select a category into which you want to add the object. Scroll to reveal target sub-categories, expanding them if necessary.

  2. Drag the object from the page and drop it onto the target category or sub-category design window (drag onto an empty sub-categories title bar to add). To copy, press the Ctrl key before starting to drag. A thumbnail of the design appears in the Designs window.

To rename or delete a custom design from the Gallery:

  • Click on the PagePlus tab gallery dropdownicon Using the Gallery drop-down button in the bottom-right corner of a thumbnail (shown by hover over) and choose from the menu.

  • You cannot undo a Gallery delete operation.

Using the Gallery