Using connectors

Two Connector tools let you create dynamic link lines between any two objects. These connectors remain anchored to the objects, even if either or both of them are moved or resized. So, for example, it’s easy to create a flow chart with connectors between boxes, then freely rearrange the layout while preserving the directional relationships!

PagePlus connectors flow chart Using connectors

Connector types

PagePlus conn3 Using connectors 

The PagePlus tbr tools connectortool Using connectors Connector Tool lets you draw a single, straight-line connector between any two connection points.

PagePlus conn4 Using connectors

The PagePlus tbr tools elbowconnectortool Using connectors Elbow Connector Tool lets you draw a connector with only vertical and horizontal segments—for example, if you’re creating a flow chart, organization chart, or tree diagram.

Connection points

To make connections easy, each PagePlus object has default square connection points, displayed whenever you select a Connector tool and hover over a target object.

PagePlus conn5 Using connectors

These default points (which can’t be moved or deleted) are normally evenly distributed around an object’s shape.

To create a connector:

  1. PagePlus tbr tools connectortool Using connectors For a straight-line connector, select the Connector Tool on the Connector Tools flyout (Tools toolbar).
    – or -

    PagePlus tbr tools elbowconnectortool Using connectors For an elbow connector, select the Elbow Connector Tool from the same location.

  2. Hover over an object so that default connection points become visible.

  1. Drag from the object’s connection point to another object’s connection point. Release the mouse button when the pointer is over the target connection point. A direct connector will appear between the two connection points.

    PagePlus conn6 Using connectors

Instead of using an object’s default connection points, you can create your own custom connection points by:

  • hovering over any shape’s edge and dragging from that red originating point.

    PagePlus conn7 Using connectors

    PagePlus arrow Using connectors

    PagePlus conn8 Using connectors


- or -

  • creating a custom connection point with the Connection Point Tool.

They can also be placed anywhere on the page, and are especially useful when creating a connection onto grouped QuickShapes or more complex grouped objects such as symbols.

To add a custom connection point (with Connection Point Tool):

  1. Select an object.

  2. Select the PagePlus tbr tools connectionpointtool Using connectors Connection Point Tool on the Connector Tools flyout (Tools toolbar).

  3. Click at a chosen location to place the custom connection point (inside or outside the object). The custom connection point appears in blue.

To view the connection points again you have to hover over the object which was selected while the connection point was created. Remember to enable either the Connector Tool or Elbow Connector Tool in advance.

Editing connection points and connectors

  • PagePlus tbr tools connectionpointtool Using connectors To move a custom connection point, select the object to which it is associated and drag the point with the Connection Point Tool.

  • PagePlus tbr tools connectionpointtool Using connectors 22" height="22" border="0"> To delete a custom connection point you’ve added, use the Connection Point Tool to click the object to which the connection point was associated, click the connection point you want to delete, and then press Delete. Default nodes are fixed and can’t be deleted.

  • PagePlus tbr tools pointer Using connectors To move, reshape, or detach/reattach a connector, use the Pointer Tool to drag individual nodes. Drag the end node of a connector to detach or reattach it. (See Drawing and editing lines).

  • If you draw a connector with either or both ends unconnected, the free ends stay anchored to the page as drawn. Of course, you can still move, reattach, or edit the connector just as if it were connected to an object.

As connectors are treated as ordinary lines, you can color them and format them with the Line tab to add arrows, feathers, or other decorative line end. (See Setting line properties.)

Using connectors