Viewing and changing document information

PagePlus maintains basic properties and statistics for each publication file.

To view or change document properties:

  1. Choose Properties… from the File menu.

  2. Click the Summary tab to view or change fields for Author, Keywords, Comments, Title, and Subject.

  3. Click the Statistics tab to view key dates, last saved information, etc.

  4. The Title field is read only, and reports the current publication’s file name (without file extension).

You can change the title of a story or use Word Count (Tools menu) to view its word count and character count.

For tracking version history, especially if layout work is being shared, you may wish to display current properties so they show up on the screen or on a printout. Properties you can insert include Title, File Name, Author, Last Edit Time, Revision Count, Page Count, and Base URL.

To insert document information in your text:

  1. Select the Pointer Tool and click in the text for an insertion point.

  2. Choose Information from the Insert menu, then select Publication Info… from the submenu. Select a property to insert and click OK.

If the document information changes and Update automatically is checked, the document information field in the text is automatically updated when the publication is saved or loaded.

Viewing and changing document information