Using hyphenation

Hyphenation can be accomplished automatically in PagePlus using auto-hyphenation. This feature recognizes and corrects lines which would otherwise be too ragged or use overly large word spacing. You can enable/disable auto-hyphenation or change the hyphenation settings via Format>Paragraph… (Paragraph>Hyphenation).

  • The hot zone is the amount of extra space at the end of each line that is considered acceptable. If the amount of extra space exceeds this value, then auto-hyphenation will try to split words to reduce the excess.

  • The Minimum word size to hyphenate is the minimum number of characters that a word must have before it is considered valid to hyphenate the word at the end of a line.

  • Minimum no. of letters before hyphen (and after) determine the minimum number of letters each part of a word must contain if the word is split by auto-hyphenation.

  • The Maximum no. of successive hyphens is used to prevent too many consecutive lines from ending with a hyphen.

To enable auto-hyphenation and its settings:

  1. Choose Paragraph… from the Format menu and select Paragraph>Hyphenation.

  2. To turn on auto-hyphenation, check Auto Hyphenation.

  3. Use the controls to adjust auto-hyphenation settings described above.

To display hyphenation points:

  • Click PagePlus tbr view showspecialcharacters Using hyphenation on the View toolbar, then select Show Spaces.

Hyphenation points can also be inserted into specific words irrespective of whether auto-hyphenation is enabled or not. Perhaps a word you are using breaks onto a new line at the wrong placeā€”an inserted hyphenation point in the word will force the word to always break at that hyphenation point (the hyphen will display automatically).

To insert a hyphenation point:

  1. Click in the story text where you want to mark a hyphenation point.

  2. Select Hyphenation Point from the Insert menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+”-”. The hyphenation point is shown as a shaded area containing a hyphen.

To remove a hyphenation point:

  • Select the text containing hyphenation point(s)) and press Ctrl+Shift+”-” again.

  • To ensure a word is never broken by auto-hyphenation (for instance, to reduce the number of hyphens in a narrow column of text), insert a hyphenation point before the first character of the word.

  • If you’re not sure, check your dictionary before placing hyphenation points!

Using hyphenation