Submitting data

From the form recipient’s perspective, form completion should be a simple exercise. If field input or selection is required, form fields will be made editable or selectable during the form design process. The other areas of the PDF Form will not be editable.

  • For best results, use a current version of Adobe Reader to load your PDF Form.

To complete a form:

  1. Load the PDF Form into your PDF application.

  2. Position the pointer over a form field. The pointer changes to:

    • for Text fields: an I-beam pointer which will allow data to be entered.

      – or -

    • for Button, Check box, Radio button or Combo Box: a finger pointer for selection of the item.

  3. Enter text or make the selection.

  4. Navigate to other fields by:

    • Using the mouse: click directly onto any other field to activate it—then add your new data.

    • Using the Tab key: Press Tab to jump to the next editable form field. Shift+Tab will jump back to the previous form field.

  5. To complete the submission you can Print, Save or Submit.


Submitting data