Exporting story text (WritePlus only)

If you’ve prepared a story in PagePlus and need to view or edit it in another word processing environment, you can export the whole or selected portions of the story using WritePlus. Several text export formats are available:

  • Use .rtf to preserve formatting across programs, for example if the story will be opened in Microsoft Word.

  • Use the proprietary WritePlus .stt format to preserve formatting if you plan to re-import the story into PagePlus. For example, this would be the most efficient way to move story text from one PagePlus publication to another. You’ll find “.stt” among the dialog options when importing text from a file.

  • Use .txt for unformatted text (with or without soft returns).

  • Use .utx, .utf7, or .utf8 to preserve Unicode formatting (with or without soft returns).

To export the text of a story:

  1. Right-click the text object and choose Edit Story.
    – or -
    Click in the text and choose Edit Story from the Edit menu.

  2. In WritePlus, to export the whole story text, choose Export Text… from the File menu.
    – or -
    For selected text, highlight the text (either specific words or whole paragraphs) and then choose the same option.

  3. Select an export format and specify the file name and location. Remember to check the Selected text only option if exporting only selected text.

Exporting story text