Creating a table of contents

The Table of Contents Wizard (Insert>Table of Contents…) helps you create a table of contents with up to six levels of headings and sub-headings derived from named styles in your publication.

If you’re exporting to PDF format, PagePlus can automatically build a bookmark list using the same style markings in your text.

To create a table of contents:

  1. Decide which named styles you want to designate as headings at each of up to six levels.

  2. Check your publication to make sure these styles are used consistently.

  3. Review the choices you’ll need to make when you run the Table of Contents Wizard.

  4. From the Insert menu, choose Table of Contents… to run the Wizard.

  5. You can easily modify the look of your table of contents, or run the Wizard again to update the information.

You can optionally hyperlink each page number to its actual page location. (See Hyperlinking an object.)

Using styles to prepare a table of contents

The Wizard will show you a list of all the style names used in your publication, and you will check boxes to include text of a given style as a heading at a particular level (1 through 6). For example, you could pull out all text using the “Heading” style as your first-level headings.

Entries in the resulting table of contents will appear in the order the text occurs in your publication.

When the table of contents is created, PagePlus formats it using built-in text styles intended specifically for table of contents preparation: “Contents-Title” and “Contents-1st” through “Contents-6th”. You can easily change the look of your table of contents by changing the style definitions for these built-in “Contents” styles.

Creating a table of contents