Sharing by email

PagePlus lets you share publications as native PagePlus publications (.ppp) or as HTML, as a file attachment or as HTML within the body of your email, respectively.

Sharing PagePlus publications

  1. With your publication open and in the currently active window, select Send… from the File menu.

    If you have multiple email programs and they are not loaded, a Choose Profile dialog lets you select your email program of choice, then a new email message is displayed with document attached. If already loaded, your email program automatically attaches your publication to a new email message.

  2. Add the recipient’s valid email address to the To… field (or equivalent).

  3. Select the Send button (or equivalent) on your email program as for any other email message.

  • An Internet connection is required for the emailing of publications.

Sharing PagePlus publications as HTML or images

Interested in sharing content with recipients who may not be using PagePlus? Send page as HTML lets you dispatch any page as HTML or as a bitmap. For HTML, all referenced images and hyperlinks are embedded locally with the message. For sharing as a bitmap, the message will be larger but will guarantee that the document will appear as intended (great for ensuring compatibility with older email clients).

Normally, an installed email client such as Outlook will be used by default. However, if you don’t have an installed email program or have Office (but don’t want to use it), you can use PagePlus to act as an email client instead. The only prerequisite is having an outgoing SMTP mail server to transfer the email to—you’ll need to know the server address in advance.

To use PagePlus as an alternative email client:

  • Select Tools>Options…, then select Import settings.

  • Enable Send HTML E-mail using PagePlus, and enter the mail server name (e.g., mail-srv or The port number 25 is always used.

  • Both HTML and image sharing methods share a single page only. To share a multi-page publication with recipients who don’t use PagePlus, consider outputting your project as a PDF and then send the PDF as an attachment.

To share a document as an HTML page:

  1. With your publication open, select the page you would like to send.

  2. Select Send Page as HTML… from the File menu. The page is added to the body of a newly created HTML-based email message.

  3. Add the recipient’s valid email address to the To… field (or equivalent).

  4. Select the Send button (or equivalent) on your email program.

  5. Use this option for Outlook Express, Outlook (pre-Outlook 2007), and Windows Mail.

  6. For Microsoft Outlook programs prior to Office 2007, remember to uncheck the Use Microsoft Word to edit email messages option within the program (Tools>Options>Mail Format in Outlook).

To share a document as an image:

  1. Check Send entire HTML page as single image in Tools>Options>HTML E-mail (in PagePlus).

  2. Carry out procedure as for sharing a document as HTML above.

  • Use this option for Outlook Express, Outlook, and Windows Mail.


Sharing publications by email