Publishing a website to a local folder (Web Publishing mode only)

Even though you may have saved your website as a PagePlus publication, it’s not truly a “website” until you’ve converted it to HTML and image files—in other words, a format that can be viewed in a web browser. In PagePlus, this conversion process is called publishing the site. You can publish the site either to a local folder (on a hard disk) or to the web itself.

Publishing the site to a local folder lets you preview the pages in your own browser prior to publishing them on the web. You may find it convenient to keep your browser program open, and go back and forth between PagePlus and the browser. This way you can make changes to a single page in PagePlus, publish just the one page, then switch to your browser and preview that page to make sure everything appears just as you want it.

To publish the site to a local folder:

  1. Choose Web Site Properties… from the File menu and double-check export settings, particularly those on the Graphics tab. (See Setting web picture display options for details.)

  2. Choose Publish Site> from the File menu and select to Disk Folder… from the submenu.

  3. In the dialog, locate the folder where you wish to store the output files by clicking the Choose Folder… button. You can create a new folder under any selected folder with the Make New Folder button. Click OK.

  4. Either check the Publish All Pages option, or in the site structure tree, check which specific page(s) to publish. This can save a lot of time by skipping the export of pages you haven’t changed.

  5. Click OK.

After PagePlus has finished exporting the selected pages, you’ll be asked if you want to launch your web browser to view your page. Click Yes if you wish to do this.

Publishing a website to a local folder