Previewing your website in a browser (Web Publishing mode only)

Previewing your site in a web browser is an essential step before publishing it to the web. It’s the only way you can see just how your PagePlus publication will appear to a visitor.

We’ll assume you’ve already published your website to a local folder.

To preview your website from a local hard disk:

  • Choose Preview in Browser> from the File menu, then choose a Preview Page in <browser name>… or Preview Site in <browser name>… to use an external browser. The <browser name> will reflect which browsers are currently installed, e.g. the entry may read “Preview Page in Internet Explorer.” If you have more than one browser installed, you can select which browser(s) to display on the submenu.

You may find it convenient to keep your browser program open, and go back and forth between PagePlus and the browser. This way you can make changes to a single page in PagePlus and preview that page to make sure everything appears just as you want it.

Previewing your website in a browser