Maintaining your website

Once you’ve published your site to the web, you’ll need to maintain the pages on your site by updating content periodically: adding or changing text, pictures, and links, also file/folder deletion or renaming. Making the content changes is easy enough—all the originals are right there in your publication!

Each time you publish one or more pages to a local folder or to the web, a whole new set of image files is generated (duplicate .html file names are overwritten). GIF and JPG files can proliferate, and you’ll need to weed out the old ones periodically.

  • Within local folders, one method is to sort your Explorer or My Computer window contents by date, then use the “Modified” attribute to determine which files to keep (i.e., the set most recently published). For thorough cleanup, periodically publish the whole site to a new folder and delete the old one.

To maintain files and folders on your website:

  1. Choose Publish Site> from the File menu and select Maintain Web Site… from the submenu. The Account Details dialog appears.

  2. Select your FTP account name (from the drop-down menu), your Username and Password. Type the correct path in the Folder box, if required by your provider.

  3. Click Maintain.

PagePlus seeks an Internet connection and displays a dialog showing the navigable web site’s folders in a left-hand window and any selected folder’s contents in the adjacent window.

  1. Use standard Windows Explorer conventions to perform maintenance tasks:

  2. Click on the column headers to change the current sort, or drag to change the column width.

  3. The top row of buttons lets you view up one level, create a new folder, delete a selected item, upload/download a file, and refresh the window.

  4. Right-click to Open, Download, Delete, or Rename any file or folder.

  5. You can Ctrl-click to select multiple files or Shift-click to select a range of files.

  6. To move one or more selected files, drag them into the destination folder.

  7. To delete the entire web site, click the View button next to your selected Serif Manifest file—in the dialog, click the Delete all managed files button.

    Remember to use the lower information window which displays a running log of each maintenance task and its status.

  1. When you’re done, click the window’s PagePlus btn close Maintaining your website Close button to terminate the FTP connection and return to PagePlus.

Maintaining your website