Adding search engine descriptors (Web Publishing mode only)

Although they’re optional, if you want to increase the likelihood that your website will be “noticed” by major web search services, you should enter search engine descriptors. Search services maintain catalogs of web pages, often compiled through the use of “crawlers” or other programs that prowl the web collecting data on sites and their content. By including descriptive information and keywords, you’ll assist these engines in properly categorizing your site.

To enter search engine descriptors:

  1. Choose Web Site Properties… from the File menu and click the Search tab.

  2. In the top window, type in a brief description of your site. Although the description can be any length, the first ten words or so are the most important.

  3. In the bottom window, enter any number of keywords (separated by commas) that you think fairly categorize your site. Put yourself in the place of a potential visitor. What keywords might they enter if they were searching for exactly what your site has to offer?

  4. The description and keywords you provide will appear in the HTML code of each page on your site.

Adding search engine descriptors