New features


  • Color Scheme Designer
    Create your own schemes from color spreads based on accepted color theory (Monochromatic, Complementary, Triadic, and more). You can add suggested colors automatically, or mix your own colors to create the new scheme.

Ease of Use

  • Enhanced Layers
    Objects and groups now display under their layers in the new-look Layers tab. Great for selecting, reordering, naming, and managing text, graphics, and other objects in more complex layered designs.

  • Lasso Selection
    The Lasso Tool selects specific objects in complicated designs more easily. Simply drag around the “target” object to include in selection. Use Alt-drag with the Pointer tool for the same effect.

  • Hover-based indication of Selection
    For use in more complex multi-object page designs, objects “glow” on hover over to indicate selectability.

  • Easy Object Rotation
    Once selected, objects can now be rotated using a “lollipop” rotation handle, preventing accidental rotation.

  • More powerful Master Page control
    Assign multiple master pages to your page for even more flexible page design. For more design freedom, promote master page objects to your page, making them detached and available for independent editing.

Printing and Publishing

  • Interactive Print Preview with print-time imposition
    Try out the exciting new Print Preview, packed with both preview and imposition options—create books, booklets, thumbnails, and tiled print output all without prior page setup. Step&Repeat and N-up options are also available.

  • Easier than ever Printing!
    Try PagePlus’s Print dialog for the options you need, when you need them! With a focus on everyday printing options, including scaling of your print output, the printing process becomes more intuitive and logical.

  • PDF Publishing
    Scale your PDF output
    up or down to a percentage value. Non-printable or hidden layers can be included in your artwork when publishing to PDF.

Advanced Publishing

  • Cross-references
    Insert cross-references throughout your publication which reference headings, or anchored text, tables, pictures, or diagrams which update automatically. Insert your cross-reference as a page number, heading/anchor name, numbered list number, and more. Add Continued From/To cross-references to text frames.

  • User-defined Variables
    Set up your own variables to automatically update common terms that repeat throughout your publication. Great for updating product names, product versions, and language variants all at the same time.

  • Professional-level OpenType Font Features
    For advanced typography, PagePlus fully utilizes all your OpenType font features—ligatures, stylistic sets/alternates, small/petite caps, case-sensitive forms, fractions, ordinals, and many more are now available to both characters and text styles. You can now insert characters as glyphs, rather than Unicode characters!

  • Mixed Page Number Formats
    Use different number formats (Arabic, Roman, or alphabetic) for your publication’s front page, intro pages, table of contents, or index.

  • Mixed Page Orientations
    Add landscape pages to your portrait-oriented publication, and vice versa. Useful for presenting your wide tables and charts on landscape pages.

  • Improved Color Management
    Manage color for multiple images with different embedded ICC profiles—allow or ignore image color conversion to the document’s working space. RGB and CMYK images display correctly to screen and print. For PDF printing, choose different PDF/X1-a output intents for PDF color management in professional PDF publishing. Create accurate PDF output of grayscale images to grayscale color space.


  • Import Scalable Vector Graphics
    Add SVG files (including compressed) to your publication—great for inclusion in your web pages.

  • Import Microsoft Word 2010 documents
    Just as for Word 2007 documents you can no
    w import Word 2010 documents directly into text frames!

  • Import Custom User Settings on Upgrade
    from PagePlus X4? Now preserve your custom Gallery content, object styles, preferences, user dictionaries, keyboard shortcuts, PDF profiles, and much more—all from within PagePlus X5.

and some improvements on previous versions of PagePlus…

  • Auto-Correct‘s Correction list now has even more common misspelling and mistyping entries to allow text replacement. Auto-Correct now creates a 1st line indent by using the Tab key at the start of a paragraph.

  • Previously in WritePlus only, Word count lets you count specific or all words in your current story, all stories, or selected text.

  • Use small caps and all caps on the same text; capitals become small caps too.

  • PhotoLab’s Images tab lets you filter images based on minimum/maximum size and supported color.

  • For drawing and graphic design, detach an object’s line, creating a new object.

  • Two new additions are added to the QuickShape flyout: Quick Cylinder and Quick Cube.

  • Text now wraps more closely around the transparent outline of transparent images.

  • To improve selection, transparent images can now only be selected by clicking their non-transparent areas.

  • For greater image loading performance, save subsampled proxy images (e.g., PNG and TIFF) or adjusted PhotoLab images in your PagePlus project.

  • In web publishing mode, image backgrounds in color schemes now have page scrolling, repeating, and positioning controls.

New features