Using document windows

Multiple document windows can be used effectively for comparing and editing the same publication, at different magnification levels. As you edit a specific area of your page in a new magnified window, you’ll be able to refer back to the original window to see how your changes look in the context of the whole publication.

PagePlus publication windows Using publication windows

To create a new document window:

  • Select New Window from the Window menu. A new window is created, becoming the new active window. You’ll notice the title bar’s file name appended with a number (e.g., <file name>:x where x represents the new window number).

As the new window initially obscures other windows, it’s essential to change your windows view to show multiple windows, then optionally position them and set your window magnification levels for side-by-side comparison.

Each open document window is shown in the Window menu.

To show and arrange multiple windows:

  • Select Cascade, Tile Horizontally, or Tile Vertically from the Window menu. Cascade offers overlapping windows, the other options are non-overlapping.

In the cascaded windows above, the publication in the newly created second window, shown as nlett_2345.ppp:2, has been magnified for detailed editing.

  • The same publication is shown in both windows. If you edit the publication in one window, then the edit is shown in the other automatically.

To expand a window back to full size:

  • Click the window’s PagePlus window maximize Using publication windows Maximize button.

To  close all document windows:

  • Select Close All Publications from the Window menu. You’ll be prompted to save any unsaved publications.

Using publication windows