Starting a new publication from scratch

Although design templates can simplify your design choices, you can just as easily start out from scratch with a new, blank publication. To make life easier you can adopt a particular document type (regular/normal, folded, small/large publication, web page) as a starting point.

To start a new publication (via Startup Wizard):

  1. Open PagePlus to display the initial Startup Wizard (if switched on).
    – or -
    With PagePlus loaded, choose New… from the File menu and then select New from Startup Wizard….

  2. Select Start New Publication.

  3. From the list on the left, select a document type and then examine the samples on the right. Click the sample that is the closest match to the document you want to create.
    – or -
    You can define a custom publication by clicking Custom Page Setup….
    Note: You can always adjust a desktop publication’s page setup later. For details, see
    Setting up a publication.

  4. Click OK to open a new publication with a blank page.

At start up, if you click PagePlus btn cancel Starting a new publication from scratch (or press Escape) from the Startup Wizard, PagePlus opens a blank document using default page properties.

To start a new default publication:

  • Click PagePlus tbr std newpublication Starting a new publication from scratch New Publication on the Standard toolbar (only if Startup Wizard is turned off).
    – or -
    New from the File menu and select New Publication.

Starting a new publication from scratch