Opening existing publications

You can open a PagePlus publication from the Startup Wizard, Standard toolbar, or via the File menu.

It is also possible to open PDF files as new publications, or Import PDF files and existing PagePlus files into currently open publications.

To open an existing publication from the Startup Wizard:

  1. From the Startup Wizard (at startup time or via File>New), review your publications from the Open section. The most recently opened file will be shown at the top of the list. To see a thumbnail preview of any file before opening, hover over its name in the list.

    PagePlus startup wizard open recent Opening an existing publication

  2. Click the file name to open it.

  3. If your publication hasn’t been opened recently, click PagePlus startup wizard open Opening an existing publication Browse… to navigate to it.

  4. Recently viewed files also appear at the bottom of the File menu. Simply select the file name to open it.

To open existing publications from within PagePlus:

  1. Click PagePlus tbr std open Opening an existing publication Open on the Standard toolbar.
    – or -
    Open… from the File menu.

  1. In the Open dialog, select the folder and file name(s). For multiple publications, Shift-click to select adjacent multiple files or Ctrl-click to select non-adjacent files.

  2. Click the Open button.

To open publications by drag-and-drop:

  • From Windows Explorer, drag and drop the publication’s preview thumbnail anywhere onto the PagePlus workspace.

To revert to the saved version of an open publication:

  • Choose Revert from the File menu.

Open dialog options

The Open dialog has several options for intermediate to advanced users.

PagePlus dlg open filesoftype Opening an existing publication

In the drop-down list, you can filter by various PagePlus file types or Adobe PDF file.

Check the Open as Untitled box if you want a saved file to open as Untitled—for example, if you’re about to create a new publication from an old one and want to leave the old one intact. This is the default option for template files.

Font substitution

PagePlus supports automatic and manual font substitution if you open a publication which uses fonts which are not stored on your computer.

Opening an existing publication