Importing PagePlus documents

It is possible to import any PagePlus document into your currently loaded PagePlus document, typically to reuse content. The character formatting, layout and images used in the original document are maintained to honour the look and feel of the original content. Pages are inserted into the currently open publication before or after a currently selected page, or can replace the current page.

To insert a PagePlus document into an existing PagePlus document:

  1. Open your existing PagePlus document.

  2. Select a page from the Pages tab (remember to double-click the page to select) or from the navigation buttons on the Hintline.

  3. Select PagePlus File… from the Insert menu.

  4. In the Open dialog, navigate to and select the PagePlus document for insertion. Click Open.

  5. From the Insert PagePlus File dialog, choose to insert the pages of the imported PagePlus document Before the current page, On the current page, or After the current page.

  6. If necessary, check the options to group each new page as a single object and resize PDF or publication page size on import (or just mix page sizes).

  1. Click the OK button.

Importing PagePlus documents