Closing publications

To close the current publication:

  • On the active publication’s Publication tab, click the PagePlus btn close tab Closing publications Close button.

    PagePlus close publication Closing publications
    – or -
    Choose Close from the File menu.
    – or -
    If the publication is in a cascaded/tiled window, click the window’s PagePlus btn close window Closing publications Close button.
    – or -
    If it’s the only window open for the publication, the command closes the publication and you’ll be prompted to save changes.

To close all publications except current:

  • Right click a Publication tab and choose Close All But This. You’ll be prompted to save changes for any unsaved publication.

    PagePlus tbr publications closeallbutthis Closing publications

To close PagePlus:

  • Click the program’s PagePlus btn close Closing publications Close button at the top right of the window.
    – or -
    Exit from the File menu.

You’ll be prompted to save changes to any unsaved publications.

Closing publications