Setting PagePlus options

The Options dialog lets you customize a wide range of PagePlus preference settings, including picture and layout options, ease-of-use features, and so on. As a rule, Options settings are global—that is, changing them affects all open publications, and when you close PagePlus, your current Options settings remain in effect the next time you open the program.

To set PagePlus options:

  • Click the PagePlus tbr contextpage options Setting PagePlus options Options button on the Page context toolbar.
    – or -
    Choose Options… from the Tools menu.
    – or -
    Right-click on a blank area of the page or pasteboard and select Options….

Use the branching menu to display one of the dialog pages, and then set your options. Settings include:


Number of Undo(s), Auto-save, Create backup files on save, Use startup wizard, Show objects contents when dragging, check for Product Updates, Number of export fill bands, Auto-fit print layout, Metafiles on Clipboard, Suggest embed/link picture.


Save adjusted images in document (PhotoLab Adjustments), Save subsampled proxy images (subsampling).


Display guide lines, Lock guide lines, Guide lines to back, Sticky Guide lines, Display frames, Lock frames, Display PageHints, Selection hover highlight, Set Guide color or Use Layer Color for guides, Pasteboard color (solid/gradient) for Paper/Web Publishing modes.
See Setting guides, Using PageHints, and Importing images.


Dot Grid settings (interval, grid style, color, place Dot grid to back), Snap to options, Nudging distance.
See Setting guides and Snapping


Origin, Units, Lock rulers, Display rulers, Keep text height/line widths in points.
See Using the rulers.

Drawing Quality

Raster Effects
Screen and Print rendering resolution, Raster effect smoothing.
See Applying shadows, glow, bevel/emboss, color fill.


3D Effects
Screen and Print rendering (software or hardware rendering options), Anti-aliasing options.
See Using 3D filter effects.


EPS Display
Switch on/off bitmap display, set Preview Resolution.


Appearance of Black
For handling the output of CMYK black on RGB devices. See Displaying CMYK black on RGB devices.


Enable/disable Font List categories (for Fonts tab). Show all text styles (in Text Styles tab)


Options: Auto-Correct options.
Replacements: Replace/With lists.


Language, Underline Spelling Mistakes As You Type, Custom Dictionary.


Text Import
Format list, Convertor. See Importing text from a file.

User Interface

UI Settings
Set Color Scheme, Studio tab animation, Tab Auto Expand On Full Bar, Glass effect (on selecting tab entries), Show object contents while dragging, Recently Used Files, Preview selected text in Main/Text Sample view (FontManager only).


Automatically optimize tab sizes and order of automatic tab collapse. See Customizing toolbars, menus and tabs.


Configure a new keyboard shortcut profile and configure shortcuts to your favorite menu items. Also displays the currently set key combination for any menu/tab item. See Using shortcuts.


Show Tooltips, Toolbars checklist, New toolbar, Delete toolbar, Reset and Reset All toolbars.
See Customizing toolbars, menus and tabs.


Create new custom menus and drag commands to toolbars from the Categories and Commands lists. (See Customizing toolbars, menus and tabs.)

HTML E-mail

Configure email to use your system’s default email client program or set a new outgoing SMTP server to use instead. Send page as a single image (creating a bitmap).

Import settings

Imports PagePlus X4 settings into PagePlus X5 to allow transfer of custom settings. (See Importing custom PagePlus X4 settings.)

To save options globally:

  • In the Options dialog, check Apply publication settings to new publications.

Setting PagePlus options