Importing custom PagePlus X4 settings

PagePlus X5 lets you import custom user settings from PagePlus X4—these settings keep a record of any program customizations you’ve made. If you’ve been a PagePlus X4 user and have upgraded to PagePlus X5, the custom settings that you may have created will not be transferred to PagePlus X5 automatically. Instead, PagePlus allows you full control over which PagePlus X4 settings are to be imported into PagePlus X5.

PagePlus lets you customize many areas of your program; these components are listed in an Import Settings dialog.

PagePlus dlg options importsettings Importing custom PagePlus X4 settings

Use the following table as a review of each component. Click the component’s link for more information.  



Gallery Files

Designs saved to the Gallery tab.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in Tools>Options>User Interface>Keyboard.

Workspace Profiles

Tab arrangement settings created from View>Studio Tabs>Save Workspace.

Object Styles

Styles and effects saved to the Styles tab.

PDF Profiles

Saved PDF profiles used for exporting PDF files.

PDF Slideshow Profiles

Saved PDF profiles used for exporting PDF slideshows.


Any PagePlus Option set from Tools>Options.

User Templates

Saved PagePlus templates via Save As….

Color Schemes

Schemes created with Color Scheme Designer (Tools menu).


Color palettes saved in Palette Manager (Tools menu).


Saved auto-correct text replacements in Tools>Options>Text>Auto-Correct>Replacements.

User Dictionaries

Saved custom dictionary in Tools>Options>Text>Auto-Correct>Proofreading.

Recent File List

Contents of your Recently Used Files list.

Calendar Events

Any events added to your calendar via Calendar Events Manager (Tools menu).

Table Formats

Table formats created from Edit AutoFormat (Edit menu).

To import PagePlus X4 settings:

  1. Select Tools>Options…, then select Import settings.

  2. From the dialog, check column options per component. The last two columns let you merge settings if they are detected as being in both PagePlus X4 and PagePlus X5.

  • Use X4: Check the boxes under this column if you want to inherit X4 settings for that component. Typically you’d use this immediately after upgrade to PagePlus X5, and before creating any custom settings in PagePlus X5.

  • Using the above option will remove any custom X5 settings.

  • Prefer X4: Check the box for a component if you want to keep any PagePlus X5 settings you’ve since made and include nonconflicting X4 settings. For any conflicting X4 and X5 settings, the PagePlus X4 settings overwrite the conflicting X5 settings.

  • Prefer X5: Check the box for a comp
    onent if you want to keep your PagePlus X5 settings and include nonconflicting X4 settings. For conflicts, the PagePlus X5 settings are always preferred.

Instead of checking individual components, click the drop-down arrow on a column and select Select All.

PagePlus dlg options importsettings2 Importing custom PagePlus X4 settings

  1. Click Apply to import settings for any checked component.

  2. If a component is grayed out, no custom settings were present in PagePlus X4. If check boxes are also grayed out the merge operation for that option is not supported.  


Importing custom PagePlus X4 settings