Using the thesaurus

The Thesaurus lets you find synonyms, definitions, and variations of words in your publication text. You can use the Thesaurus from either PagePlus or WritePlus.

To display the Thesaurus:

  1. To look up a specific word, first drag to highlight it.

  2. Choose Thesaurus… from the Tools menu.

  3. To look up a different word, type it into the “Replace/Look Up” box and click the Look Up button.

If the selected word or word entered is found in the Thesaurus database:

  • The “Meanings” list shows definitions for the word in the “Looked Up” box. Initially, the first definition is selected.

  • The “Synonyms” list shows synonyms for the definition selected in the “Meanings” box. Initially, the first synonym appears in the “Replace/Look Up” box.

To pop a new word into the “Replace/Look Up” box:

  • Click the word in the “Synonyms” list.
    – or -
    Type a new word directly into the “Replace/Look Up” box.

You can navigate indefinitely through the thesaurus by selecting the specific meaning, followed by the specific synonym you are interested in and then clicking on the Look Up button to get a new range of meanings and synonyms for the new word.

To replace the original word:

  • Click the Replace button to replace the original word (selected in your text) with the word in the “Replace/Look Up” box.

To exit the thesaurus:

  • Click the Cancel button.

Using the thesaurus