The Spell Checker lets you check the spelling of a text in your current story, all stories on the current page, or all stories in your publication. You can customize the built-in dictionary by adding your own words.

To help trap typographic errors and fix spelling problems while creating text, use Auto-Correct and Check spelling as you type, respectively.

Multilingual spell checking is supported by use of up to 14 dictionaries. Any language can be enabled globally from Tools>Options>Text>Proofreading or applied specifically to text or paragraphs via the Language Selector in the Character tab. Spell checking can be turned off temporarily by selecting “None” as a language type—this could be useful when working with text containing lots of unusual terms (perhaps scientific or proprietary terminology).

To check spelling:

  1. (Optional) To check a single story, first make sure the text or text object is selected.

  2. Choose Spell Checker… from the Tools menu.
    – or -
    (In WritePlus) Click the PagePlus tbr writeplusstory spellchecker Spell checking 
    Spell Check button.

  3. (Optional) In the dialog, click Options… to set preferences for ignoring words in certain categories, such as words containing numbers or domain names.

  4. Select Check currently selected story only, Check all stories on the current page, or Check all stories in my publication to select the scope of the search.

  5. Click Start to begin the spelling check.

When a problem is found, PagePlus highlights the problem word. The dialog offers alternative suggestions, and you can choose to Change or Ignore this instance (or all instances) of the problem word, with the option of adding the problem word to your dictionary. (See below for more on modifying your dictionary.)

  1. Spell checking continues until you click the Close button or the spell-check is completed.

Modifying your dictionary

The Spell Checker relies on a built-in dictionary that’s quite extensive but may not contain certain words you use frequently in your publications. To make spell-checking more efficient, you can add words to your own User Dictionary so they won’t pop up as “misspelled” in the future, and (if necessary) delete new words you previously added—especially handy if you misspelled one when you typed it in!

  • The User dictionary is designed to store words in any language.

To add or delete a word in the User Dictionary:

  1. Choose Options… from the Tools menu and select the Text>Proofreading option. The contents of the dictionary appear in an alphabetical list.

  1. To add a word, type it into the box and click Add.

  2. To delete a word, select it in the list and click Delete. When selecting words, you can press Ctrl to select multiple words, or Shift to select a contiguous range.