Automatic proofreading

The Proof Reader checks for grammar and readability errors in text in your publication. You can use Proof Reader from either PagePlus or WritePlus.

To start automatic proofreading:

  1. To check a single story, first make sure the text or text object is selected.

  2. Choose Proof Reader… from the Tools menu.

  3. If necessary, click the Options button to set options for proofreading, including a spell-check option and the level of formality (with checks for rule types).

  4. Select options to Check currently selected story only, Check all stories on the current page, or Check all stories in my publication to select the scope of the search.

  5. Click Start to begin proof reading.

When a problem is found, PagePlus highlights the problem word. The dialog offers alternative suggestions, and you can choose to Change or Ignore this instance (or all instances) of the problem word.

  1. Proofreading continues until you click the Close button or the process is completed.

Automatic proofreading