Welcome to PagePlus X5, the award-winning Desktop Publishing (DTP) solution from Serif. PagePlus is the easiest way to get superior publishing results, whether on your desktop or via professional printing. It’s simple for anyone to create, publish and share their designs as outstanding printed documents, stunning PDFs, PDF slideshows, stylish websites and eye-catching emails.

To make life so much easier, PagePlus comes with an impressive selection of design templates, creative gallery content, and styles for you to use. As a result, publishing to a professional standard is easily achievable for experienced and inexperienced users alike! You’ll also be able to reuse existing content by importing PDF documents and word processing documents. On the flipside, you’ll be able to export drawn objects to all the latest graphic file formats.

PagePlus X5 doesn’t stop at superior publishing. Its range of design studios makes PagePlus stand out from the crowd—Image Cutout Studio for cutting pictures out from their backgrounds, LogoStudio for custom logo design, and PhotoLab for powerful image adjustment and effect combinations. You simply cannot afford to miss them!

For a more detailed summary of what PagePlus can offer, see Key features.


If you’ve upgraded from a previous version, this new edition of PagePlus includes a host of exciting new features which keeps PagePlus ahead of its competitors and at a fraction of the price! We hope you also enjoy the additional power and performance edge.


Don’t forget to register your new copy, using the Registration Wizard, on the Help menu. That way, we can keep you informed of new developments and future upgrades!